Franky De pril
Global trade is all about moving goods in a cost-effective and timely manner, in full compliance with product and other trade requirements.

Franky De Pril

EY Europe West Trade Leader

Helping clients navigate global trade.

Franky is EY Europe West Trade Leader, aiming to grow teams, increase collaboration and better serve EY clients.

Having joined EY in 2007, he established Global Trade services in Brussels as part of EY EMEIA Tax. He also acts as Tax Account Leader on key clients.

Franky holds a master’s degree in Export Management from EHSAL Management School. 

How Franky is building a better working world

Franky's aim is to help EY clients operate effectively and efficiently in an increasingly challenging global trade environment, with due respect for all compliance hurdles which in the end are there to improve security and safety.

As a leader, Franky prioritizes investing in people, educating teams and supporting flexibility. 

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