Technology for business value and human impact

EY is harnessing technology to help create long-term business value and positive human impact.

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How can technology transform your current systems into future opportunities?

Unlike pure play technology service providers, EY creates long term-value by bringing together deep business insights, multi-disciplinary teams, and powerful ecosystems to harness technology for positive human impact.

Financial data

1 trillion

lines of financial data have been analyzed using technology-based solutions.

Technology is the business agenda. Every enterprise’s needs are different. AI-enhanced cloud-based platforms, powerful ecosystem relationships and deep business insights underpin the EY approach to real-world delivery of technology-enabled solutions at pace and global scale.

EY continues to innovate and create new solutions and services, using technology, AI and data. Whether it is by helping a pharmaceutical firm manage third-party risk by using data analytics and workflow design to re-engineer compliance for better decision-making; or a beverage company to become the first industrial organization to mint unique non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for each batch of product, enabling greater visibility and efficiency across its supply chain, EY technology helps bring better business insights.

EY is also delivering significant digital innovation in audit and tax technologies - effectively using cloud, AI, blockchain and advanced technologies to transform how the services and solutions are delivered for higher quality and improved experience.

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Innovation Realized In Focus: Generative AI and Web3

Taking place across six global hubs, this series of events combines peer-to-peer collaboration with an interactive and hands-on agenda to help leaders explore the impact of Generative AI and Web3 on their organizations.

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Over the next three years EY has committed to an investment of US$10b in the organization, which includes a strong focus on AI, data and disruptive technologies, so that clients and EY people continue to benefit from leading technology.

The breadth of EY technology capabilities, paired with industry and regulatory knowledge, finance discipline, and global geographic reach position us to help you develop a transformation strategy grounded in business reality and human impact. This is how technology helps organizations successfully transform and deliver long-term value.

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Technology is at the center of business change, enabling organizations to transform. Read more of our latest thinking and technology capabilities.

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