Photographic portrait of Alexandros Matthiessen
My task is to really give the success of startups a boost, and to help them reach maturity.

Alexandros Matthiessen

EY Netherlands Finance Navigator Leader & Senior Manager CFO Consulting

Innovative. Entrepreneurial. Results-driven. He is very proud when a startup makes another step forwards.

Alexandros Matthiessen helps startups and scale-ups to develop further and provides support on the financial side of entrepreneurship. This means management reporting, financial modeling and budgeting.

He achieved his Bachelor’s in International & European Economic Studies at the Athens University of Economics & Business, followed by a Master’s in Economics at the University of Edinburgh. He is also a Certified Management Accountant (Institute of Management Accountants). He has been working at EY since 2015 and, together with his team, was global innovation finalist in 2016 with EY Finance Navigator, the smart finance software for startups. He is a visiting EY lecturer and runs workshops in startup acceleration programs. In addition, he regularly speaks at congresses on Entrepreneurial Finance and coaches startups and scale-ups.

“I love innovation and closely follow technological developments, both for EY itself, but also for new companies. I also suggest promising opportunities for them to develop further. It’s great how everyone can have an active influence. I’m not officially part of their team, but it feels as though I am.”

How Alexandros is building a better working world

“A lot of entrepreneurs are founding companies at the moment, but barely 10% of them survive into the long term. Either they don’t fit the market, or they run into financial problems. My task is to really give the success of startups a boost, and help them in making the leap to scale-up and maturity. After all, entrepreneurship is the driver for our economy. It leads to social change and promotes economic growth. It’s wonderful that I can contribute to that.”

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