Hideki Tominaga
I've supported Japanese companies in Japan and the Netherlands for over 20 years

Hideki Tominaga

EY WEM Japanese Business Services Co Leader

Tominaga san is a Senior Partner spending over 20 years of his time in Amsterdam. Broad experience in TP, APA’s, SCM projects. His network includes NFIA and DUJAT. He likes to jog, golf, and travel.

Office Amsterdam, NL

Tominaga has been working for Japanese companies in the Netherlands for more than 20 years. He has an extensive network in Japan and in the Netherlands.

He is a co leader of Japanese service group in Amsterdam.

He has a Bachelor degree in Business Economics from Waseda University, Tokyo. He published 3 books about Dutch investment tax, accounting and law (2004) (2010) (2019) in Japan. He has organized a lot of seminars in Japan and in the Netherlands, and also participated as a speaker.

How Hideki is building a better working world

“I am leading the Japan Business Service in Amsterdam office, and have accepted many secondees from EY Tokyo office and hired local Japanese staff in the service line. I try to host frequent meetings with them to hear their demands and requests, in order to build a better working environment for them. I also try to select people who are suitable for each position, and put effort into coaching them on how to succeed in business in Europe and in the Netherlands.”

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