Josef Pilger
Rapid demographic transformation requires all stakeholders to drive change to retain and improve financial well-being of millions globally.

Josef Pilger

EY Global Pension and Retirement Leader

Passionate about helping governments, providers and members to more effectively tackle demographic transformation. Champion for better retirement outcomes for all.

Josef works to improve financial well-being and retirement outcomes for all. Governments, private and public pensions, retirement organizations and their product and service providers, have worked with him to achieve their financial well-being goals. He leads pension reform, strategy, governance evolution, business and IT transformation and member engagement evolution.

Josef earned an MBA from Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences and has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Cologne.

How Josef is building a better working world

Governments, regulators and boards must ask themselves one key question: Are frameworks and capabilities commensurate and aligned to the new world and to roles as fiduciaries for the financial and retirement well-being of millions? Josef’s experience in the design, improvement and provision of pension and retirement systems and strategies helps build better financial well-being outcomes for millions, in turn building a better working world.

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