Photographic portrait of René Coenradie
We foster thorough, honest investigation, so that clients can make the right choice.

René Coenradie

EY Netherlands Partner Strategy and Transactions

Thorough. Results-oriented. A team player. He excels under time pressure, and always tells things how they are.

Areas of focus Oil and gas
Office Rotterdam, NL

René supports companies in executing good transactions - from stock market flotations to the acquisition and sale of businesses. He is a specialist in due diligence, both on the selling and buying side.

He studied Business Economics at Erasmus University, Rotterdam, followed by a postdoctorate in Accountancy at the same university. He has been working at EY since 1986.

“Low interest rates mean that a large amount of capital is waiting to be invested in the business sector. The interest in buying is high. At the same time, though, there’s a risk that vendors are portraying circumstances in slightly too rosy a light. We foster thorough, honest investigation, so that we can protect clients from making a mistake, and assist them in making the right choice.”

How René is building a better working world

“After twenty years in assurance, I made the move to the world of transactions. The work’s not only process-based, but also about projects. A transaction project is high in intensity and deadline pressure. We have to work hard in our team to quickly reach the finish line. I enjoy the pressure, it fills me with energy. The variety of organizations remains fascinating too. From relatively small firms to billion-dollar companies; from private equity to family-owned businesses.

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