Photographic portrait of Teun van der Zijden
Traditional claims about price and quality suddenly no longer work. Manufacturers and retailers need to find different ways to stand out from the crowd.

Teun van der Zijden

EY Netherlands Partner EY-Parthenon

Critical. Direct. A facilitator. Flexible. He always puts the client’s needs first, even if you have to deviate from the initial plans in order to do so.

Teun van der Zijden assists companies in the Consumer Products & Retail (CPR) and Agri & Food sectors to make the transition in a changing market. He supports both businesses and investors, in particular private equity parties.

He studied Material Sciences at the University of Delft, and completed the INSEAD Management Acceleration Programme. He has been working at OC&C since 2007, which has been part of EY Parthenon since 2016.

“Markets are becoming increasingly transparent, which empowers consumers. And they’re looking for more than just a product. Traditional claims about price and quality no longer always work. Sustainable origin, for example, is becoming a more key factor in making purchases. Working closely together with the client, we look for a future-oriented strategy, preferably on site. It’s great that we can also pick up the output, through the use of other EY expertise.” 

How Teun is building a better working world

“Every day I can see how the high street and the online landscape are changing. This makes my work more concrete and tangible. The issues are even existential. For many retailers and suppliers, it’s a matter of sink or swim in the long term. Even if you’re doing well now, you still have to move with the changing market conditions. That places great responsibility on my shoulders, but I like getting my teeth into complex questions.”

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