Photographic portrait of Varun Mittal
We’re now in the digitally savvy generation where ideas are abundant. The collaboration between the public and private sectors is key to drive these ideas into reality for the betterment of the economy.

Varun Mittal

EY Global Emerging Markets FinTech Leader

Passionate leader. Driver of strategic growth and innovation within the FinTech ecosystem and financial inclusion projects for emerging markets globally.

As EY’s Global Emerging Markets FinTech Leader, Varun is responsible for EY FinTech business development in 130 emerging markets across the globe.

Varun has deep experience in the FinTech domain and is skilled in cross-border management of FinTech operations and business planning, digital banking innovation and strategy, and regulatory strategy development (M&A). His knowledge also covers FinTech ecosystem development, FinTech strategy development and implementation, FinTech corporate finance due diligence, and solution development and intrapreneurship.

Varun holds a Master of Strategy and Operations from National University of Singapore, and a Bachelor of Technology (Computer Science Engineering) from India. He is a founding member of the Singapore FinTech Association, the only non-profit FinTech body supported by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. He is also author of Singapore – The FinTech Nation, a history of Singapore’s evolution as a FinTech hub.  As an active angel investor, he set up Boleh Ventures to support high growth ventures in ASEAN, India and Africa.

How Varun is building a better working world

“As a passionate leader in FinTech, I have worked on a broad spectrum of projects for emerging markets globally: blockchain, payments, digital banks, regulatory policies, national infrastructure and financial inclusion. I will continue to tap into my deep experience in the FinTech domain to drive the development of the ecosystem and build a better working world.”