Smart Factory

Through a people-centered digital platform and powered by execution applications, EY Smart Factory embeds manufacturing excellence by arming the shopfloor with dynamic predictive data analytics, virtual reality and artificial intelligence to deliver unprecedented performance.

What EY can do for you

In a business environment characterized by margin pressure and changing consumer demand, manufacturing performance is more critical than ever. Four challenges keep supply chain leaders up at night:

  • Operational excellence improvement
  • Scalability and speed of deployment across multiple lines/operations
  • Internet of things return on investment
  • Building a performance culture

Some hail disruptive technologies as the answer, but new technology alone won’t solve the problem. True performance improvement is delivered by people working with the right processes and the right training and enabled by the right technologies to make better decisions.

EY Smart Factory helps manufacturing executives develop, implement and drive global operational excellence programs in a connected and centrally controlled system. It offers access to an extensive database of leading practices, methodologies, tools, training and analytics. The integrated solution helps us assist our clients with tracking and sustaining performance improvement, in which the entire workforce knows why improvements are needed and what needs to be done — by when and by whom.

Companies taking advantage of EY Smart Factory can see sustainable improvements in cost and cash, higher manufacturing reliability, a digitally enabled shopfloor and a more engaged and empowered workforce.

Smart Factory capabilities:

  • Offers real-time, on-demand performance progress reports visible across the production chain
  • Provides the information and technologies to improve physical process control
  • Refines processes and master production through advanced analytics
  • Enables flexible, adaptive and proactive production
  • Facilitates end-to-end integration with suppliers and customers

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