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EY Skye designs, develops and implements IT solutions for our clients. We deliver both off-the-shelf software, as well as tailor-made software solutions. All of which is strengthened by in-dept knowledge on technology and business, so we can help companies transform their businesses. We are also proud of being one of Norway’s most competent consulting companies with alliance partners  in IBM, Microsoft and SAP.

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What EY Skye can do for you

Our goal is to create value by helping companies with digitalization. This is done by moving IT into the heart of the business to increase utilization of the company’s resources. At EY Skye, we have extensive expertise and a strong foundation for supplying digital services. As a part of EY, we have access to a unique depth of competence when it comes to business and technological solutions. This means that there is no task that is too large or too small for us to handle.

EY Skye always puts the customer first and is characterized by employees who are competent, curious and inclusive. We believe that problems are best solved through commitment and knowledge. We work as a team, so when you buy our services, you are buying the expertise of the entire company.

Areas of expertise

EY Skye uses our experience and expertise to adapt our partners’ standard solutions to suit your specific needs. Our solutions are based on recognized methodology and market leading software.

  • SAP


    EY Skye is one of Norway’s leading companies within innovative and optimized use of the SAP portfolio. We supply services to both major Norwegian companies and international stakeholders. We have extensive experience with the products in the portfolio and in-depth knowledge of most fields associated with implementing, adapting, system support and advisory services within SAP solutions.

    We believe in simplification and help you to stay focused on what is truly important. Data accessibility, simplified user interface, improved business processes and better utilization of software are just some of the elements we focus on.

    As one of Norway’s largest SAP environments, we have expertise within most business areas and SAP technologies.

    “We were at the forefront with using the newest SAP platform S/4HANA and have had several projects involving new implementation and conversion to S/4HANA in recent years.

    We have consultants who specialize in handling and utilizing SAPs new user interface Fiori, with a strong focus on ‘embedded analytics’”.

    We are highly skilled in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), which is SAP’s cloud solution for planning, predictive analysis and business intelligence. We would be pleased to help you harness the tremendous potential found in the SAP Cloud Platform.

    We can assist with making your company’s business processes more effective by using robotic process automation (RPA).

    We are committed to launching the latest technology before others, plus we have the experience and expertise required to help you choose the solution that best suits your specific needs. We also assist in implementing solutions or adapting processes so that you can best utilize the countless possibilities SAP offers.

    The project size determines the size of the team that will work on the project and we supply many types of solutions including new implementations and even smaller app projects. We focus on methodology and best practice processes from SAP. We are also highly experienced in SAP Solution Manager.

    Among our competent colleagues you will find functional consultants, developers, project managers and business advisors with an excellent business understanding.

    As part of EY, we have unique access to a global delivery capability that can provide expertise in many areas, including targeted SAP technology, solid sector knowledge and business understanding.

  • EAM

    EAM (Enterprise Asset Management)

    EY Skye has one of Norway’s most competent EAM environments. The EAM team includes specialized consultants who offer advice, implementation and general EAM services. These services involve tailoring solutions for maintenance and control of inventory, logistics, work and personnel.

    We would be pleased to help you find the answers to questions faster and to manage structured and unstructured data in new ways. By participating in larger projects on a nationwide basis, as well as assisting smaller companies, EY Skye has a broad range of experience to offer our customers. The EAM team also possesses well over twenty years’ experience within implementation, adaptation, updating and operation of EAM systems. Our goal is to ensure that our customers become competitive by assisting in implementing and operation of a user-friendly EAM system.

    IBM Maximo

    IBM Maximo is a management system that is used for planning the use of resources and work, operations, structuring, as well as for analysis. The system gives the company the ability to minimize its own risk and to ensure the company’s value chain has good flow. In other words, IBM Maximo offers significant competitive advantages. The system also has a mobility solution that can be implemented in app format where both the original and the app solution are intuitive and user-friendly. IBM Maximo is a solution that can be used by everyone in the organization. EY Skye consultants can tailor the solution to any needs a customer might have.

    Our EAM team is constantly on the lookout for new challenges. EY Skye has EAM consultants in both Norway and Sweden, who are here for you regardless of your company size, whether large or small.


    Dynamics 365 revolutionizes customer relationship management (CRM) and the integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software by using intelligence on all types of data. This enables organisations to go from reactive business decisions to proactive insight, so that employees can accelerate business outcomes. Dynamics 365 is supplied on Azure, one of the world’s most widely used business cloud services.

    At EY Skye, we have a long-standing tradition of combining business understanding, processes, change management and technology to support your business in a comprehensive way. We provide a complete team of professionals with solid experience in implementing similar systems. We understand the different processes and know the technology far beyond the business management tool. Our newly established Microsoft team is comprised of experienced professionals who are motivated by innovation and development. This means we are well-suited to support a full digitalisation process with a focus on gaining a full return on the investment.

    As a partner, our primary task is to transform the potential in the organisation’s systems into a business context.


    EY Skye are technology leaders among development and integration services. We are especially skilled in deliveries of UX/UI, insight solutions, data warehouse/data lake, app development and artificial intelligence. At EY Skye, we are not platform dependent, so we can always offer the best solution to the customer. We are certified on all market leading cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM. We supply sensor-based solutions integrated with artificial intelligence, RPA solutions and business intelligence (BI).

    Our team is highly experienced in project management and advisory services. We also help companies with Agile Coaches who are experienced in agile methodology and DevOps.

    EY Skye works together with EY on projects where we complement each other. EY is one of the largest global consulting organisations and is heavily involved in technology-rich projects and developing expertise in emerging technology.


Careers at EY Skye

EY Skye is always looking for new talent. We don’t care about whether you are young or old, experienced or a recent graduate, but we do expect that you are willing to learn while you share your knowledge and experience with your colleagues. We believe in the importance of maintaining a work-life balance, while at the same time expecting that our employees are ready to step up and help when needed. 


Application Mangement Services

Many companies face challenges with fluctuations in IT support cases, response times, accessibility and quality of resources. Through application management services (AMS), companies can outsource the responsibility for administrating applications, so that their internal IT department can focus on other tasks.

EY Skye offers an operations, administration and support centre that supports SAP, the EAM system IBM Maximo and Microsoft Dynamics 365 systems, in addition to supporting application and integration development.

Our application management centre will be a supplement to your own internal IT department. Solutions can be adapted to your company, services can be scaled as your company grows, as its needs and the technology changes.

We know that flexibility is important, so we wish to assist in covering different needs with respect to scope, services and time requirements. Therefore the centre is open 24/7, 365 days per year. You can feel safe in knowing that we will handle your case quickly and effectively, while also ensuring that someone is always available to assist you and your company.

We ensure our employees have good professional development opportunities and up-to-date skills, so that we can provide top quality services.

We develop strategies for a digital world, build ground-breaking digital solutions that help companies to optimise their potential and deliver effectively while focusing on user-friendliness. Plus, we do all of this with a pinch of social magic.
Tommy Rugsveen
EY Skye, Daglig leder

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