EY Equality & Diversity Assessment Tool

Our digital tool will help you fulfill the employer’s activity and reporting obligation (ARP) and The Transparency Act – for more equality and inclusiveness at the workplace.

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ey arp equality and diversity assesment tool

How it works 

The EY Equality & Diversity Assessment Tool is a digital, interactive tool that gives you, among others:

  • Systematic mapping and tracing of all measures associated with the 15 grounds for discrimination covered in ARP. 
  • The possibility of systemizing and documenting work on The Transparency Act.
  • An easy to read dashboard showing the current status of measures associated with equality and diversity in the company. 
  • The possibility to integrate work with equality and diversity in the company’s values. 
  • The potential for the HR department to present the status to the board or public authorities in the event of an inspection. 
  • The possibility to transfer information from the tool to a Word document that can be edited and adapted to different reports, such as the annual report.

EY Equality & Diversity Assessment Tool simplifies the work with equality and diversity and The Transparency Act in the company and monitors the development over the years. You see from experience what works, which helps create actual change. 

EY Equality & Diversity Assessment Tool is a one-time purchase. Once the tool is installed, the company has full control of the data stored. EY does not store any information. EY offers optional updates when available and can offer work-shops upon request. 

  • Our Purpose

    Our purpose, Building a better working world, is the basis for the culture at EY and is at the core of the work we do. In order to create workplaces that are more inclusive and that supports equality, EY has developed an Equality & Diversity Assessment Tool to help companies comply with the Employer’s activity and reporting obligation (aktivitets- og redegjørelsesplikt – ARP) and The Transparency Act.

  • The Tool

    The tool is explicitly designed to structure the work associated with systematic D&I work and The Transparency Act and will provide an overview of the company’s current status and risks and the potential for improvement on D&I in the company, in the supply chain and amongst business partners.


ARP requires comprehensive reporting from the companies

This is what it means for your company

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ARP Workshop

We offer workshops with relevant people from the company, such as board members, managers and persons from HR. The objective is either to start up the work with ARP or to further develop the on-going work.


How to fulfil the employer’s activity and reporting obligation

How to promote equality and prevent discrimination 

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