Picture Of Angoline
Culture lays the foundation and paves the way for innovation and sustainable growth, and trust is crucial for the relations needed.

Angoline Berge Tobias

Director of Family Enterprise and Private Client Services, EY Norway

Strategic, problem solver and hard-working, with a genuine desire to see others succeed. Personal motto: “Action creates reaction.”

Angoline works with getting owner vision, owner strategy, and goals implemented in the organization. The processes are goal-driven and built on a high degree of involvement in all levels : The owner board and its forum, as well as the board, management, and other key roles. 

She is concerned with ensuring that the work provides value in both the short and long run, which means that you solve the short-sighted ambitions while also building a common culture over time. 

She has an extensive experience with this side of business – both as a board member and chairman of the board, HR director, CEO, partner, and as leader in other capacities. 

She has specialized in culture development, studied Sustainable Business Strategy at Harvard Business School, and is a Master Trainer in Nevro Linguistic Programming. 

How Angoline is building a better working world

I am Building a better working world by being genuine and trusting others, as I have a strong faith that we together will create a better world. By sharing from my own experience, I wish to provide transparency and honesty in the conversations where we all can use ourselves as the basis. This is important when sustainability, innovation and digitalization is on the agenda, and change is required.  

I help owners and leaders of family businesses become conscious of their roles, and how they can use this responsibility. I am engaged in helping everyone see that they can succeed, that they both as individuals and groups can make big changes – and for this, I use my experiences from studies within strategic coaching and sustainability. These topics are not just important for young owners who will inherit family businesses, but also experienced owners who desire making a change in the future.

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