Portrait of Bjørn Vihovde, EY
Every day we work to maintain our inclusive culture. We desire to be a place where everyone experience belonging and inclusiveness no matter the background or personality.

Bjørn Vihovde

Nordic Talent Leader, EY

Experience from EY’s Norwegian and Nordic leadership team, and 16 years of experience from the Norwegian Armed Forces. Have become more focused on skiing, hiking, health and wellbeing than before.

Bjorn has been the leader of Nordic talent and a member of the Nordic leadership team since 2007. He is responsible for the talent agenda in EY’s business strategy as well as the whole employee experience and development. This includes the marketing of EY as an employer, recruiting, training and development of employees and leaders, company culture and organizational development, diversity and inclusiveness, employee engagement and alumni.

Bjorn has great experience from international collaborations in EY as a part of the Talent-leadership group in Europe, Mid-East, India and Africa, and he has been an instructor at multiple international programs, primarily within leadership development. He also assists EY clients with leadership-, team- and organization development.

Bjørn is educated at the Norwegian Armed Force’s School for Commanders and School for War. He has altogether spent 16 years in the military, where five years were spent at the Norwegian Military Academy as Department manager, instructor and responsible for leadership, organization and development. Bjorn started at EY in 2000.

How Bjørn is building a better working world

"I believe that meaningful work is one of the most important bricks in a meaningful life. That means I believe humans have the need to use their skills, feeling like they are contributing and that they are developing – preferably with other people. A job is also the base layer for a lot more in life – a family, a home, hobbies, interests and travels. Therefore, for me one of the most important things we do, is to contribute to help as many as possible to start working and developing themselves to be able to stay in work, use themselves and contribute.

Therefore I engage myself in the recruiting of graduates who are looking for their first job, and in building an inclusive culture that gives the feeling of being safe and confidence, based on respect, collaboration and balance in life, so employees experience success."

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