EY Frederic Asheim

Frederic Asheim

Manager, EY-Parthenon, EY Norway

Growth strategist with spikes in technology driven industries.

Frederic is a project leader in EY’s strategy consulting team, EY-Parthenon. He supports C-suites and investors in the pursuit for growth.

Frederic principally advises private equity and corporates on growth strategy and commercial due diligences. His experience spans most sectors, but he has particular passion for technology driven businesses and software.

He holds an MSc in Industrial Economics and Technology Management from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), and he has built his technology interest from various Computer Science courses.

How Frederic is building a better working world

Like a drop of oil in the economic machinery, I help companies and investors find the most rewarding future direction and execute upon it. I believe this creates a surplus for consumers and society in the end.

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