How to capitalize on preserved product value in circular business models

In this webcast, we will introduce different circular loops and deep dive into how they can be profitable to you.

We will discuss the following topics:

  • Circular economy in a nutshell
    What it is, the different types of loops, and the pros and cons it presents for the environment and businesses.
  • The driving forces behind circular models
    Why there is an urgent need to transition toward a circular economy and why most industrial companies will be in trouble if they don’t. 
  • How to move from a linear to a circular business model
    A practical process with steps and tools that can be leveraged during the transition. 
  • Sample cases for inspiration
    Some real-life use cases from companies that have undergone this transition.

Examples of circular loops that will be covered in the webcast include models such as Product as a Service, take-back, and reuse, where fewer units are produced and used longer.

We will also look into why circular business models not only solve upcoming issues but also could make today’s business more competitive.


  • Peter Algurén, Director, Business Transformation, EY Sweden

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