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How can businesses stay resilient during uncertain times?

In this webcast, we will explore how businesses can prepare for an unpredictable future by innovating and experimenting today.

We live in uncertain times and as business leaders we have numerous crises to navigate. It’s challenging for any organization to navigate, prioritize and progress while operating in an unpredictable market. However, staying still and waiting for the dust to settle is not an option — it can lead to your business being surpassed by those who take action.

We welcome you to a talk by Moa Correia, Nordic Head of Strategy at EY Doberman (EY’s digital design and innovation studio), where she explores current challenges and how businesses can take preemptive action to stay ahead.

Topics to be discussed

  • How can organizations accept and embrace the unknown?
  • What role can experimentation play in pushing innovation while minimizing risk?
  • In what ways can we rehearse and prepare for the future, now?

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Moa Correira
Head of Strategy, EY Doberman


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