Amber Cordero and Jacqueline Taylor

NZ Natural Pet Food Ltd

Imagr of Lucy Turnball

Amber Cordero and Jacqueline Taylor founded The NZ Natural Pet Food Co. because they wanted a convenient and safe way to feed their pets a wholesome and complete diet, as close to raw as possible.

“We started our business because we wanted to help bring about change to the pet industry. We saw that, as people were becoming more invested in their pets, they were changing the way they viewed pet food as well,” says Amber.

Having researched everything available to pet owners and found the space lacking, the pair decided to put out a product they would purchase themselves.

“The industry has gotten away with putting out a mediocre product for pets for so long. We are proud to be a part of the change to help our animals thrive, not just survive,” explains Jacqueline.

The pair had complementary strengths. Amber’s background in biology was helpful with the nutritional side of product development – and her experience as a real estate agent gave her excellent marketing skills. Whereas, as the operations manager for NZ Fashion Week and a former buyer for the Warehouse Group, Jacqueline had strengths in logistics, accounting and import/export.

The premium pet food range Amber and Jacqueline developed uses fresh whole ingredients and is manufactured in New Zealand. In line with its customers’ priorities, the company supports fair trade and local sourcing and makes sizeable food donations to animal shelters and charities around New Zealand.

After a double launch four years ago into Singapore and New Zealand, NZ Natural Pet Food is now selling in 11 international markets: Australia, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Canada and the US.