Bradley Fraser

Senior Move Managers

Imagr of Lucy Turnball

In the three years after graduating with a Bachelor of Science and a post-graduate Diploma in Public Health, Brad Fraser, had a highly varied career. From being a Cadre NCO in the Health Battalion of the New Zealand Defence Force, to playing in a professional sports team in Germany, his challenging experiences gave him the tools he needed to be a successful entrepreneur.

The company he founded in 2016, Senior Move Managers (SMM), sought to solve a growing problem in New Zealand: the difficult moment when seniors move into retirement villages. Brad realised that many older people are unprepared for the chaos and stress associated with moving a lifetime of possessions into a house half the size, especially at a time in life when people may become physically frail.

His idea was to harness technology, scale and process efficiencies to destress the entire operation, mobilising a caring team to help with everything from decluttering, to getting a home ready for market, packing, cleaning, relocating, unpacking and setting up a new home.

“For each family, we create and execute a seamless action plan, customised to our client's wishes. Typically, the retirement village pays for our services and we come complimentary for the incoming resident,” says Brad.

In less than five years, SMM has scaled from one location to seven, helping thousands of families, with its technology backbone ensuring the customer experience is the same regardless of location.

As Brad explains, “When incoming residents arrive, their new home is set up with the beds made and the kettle on. Meanwhile the village has peace of mind their customers are arriving in the best manner possible.”

With the retirement market in New Zealand peaking in 2040 as a multi-billion dollar industry, SMM is set on a healthy growth trajectory. Brad also plans to expand into Melbourne in late 2022 and the rest of Australia in 2023.