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In Health

As digital health moves from future to current state, health providers and payers confront a transformed landscape. Succeeding in the digital health ecosystem may require changing not only how health care organizations operate, but how they view the world.

What EY can do for you

We help clients strategize around the use of disruptive technologies — cloud, mobile, social media, analytics and automation — to better connect health organizations, their networks and patients; improve operations and quality; reduce risk; curtail costs and generate insights that drive better care.

Some ways we work with our clients include:

Analytics as a service (AaaS)

EY’s business intelligence solutions and advanced analytics capabilities bridge the gap between data and actionable insights, allowing clients to improve quality of care; reduce fraud, waste and abuse; drive down costs; deliver care in new ways; and enhance the customer experience.


More and more information — electronic health records, data on drug and device R&D, pharmacy claims, etc. — is being held virtually and in cloud-based environments. We have a simple, effective approach to identifying security failures and mitigating breaches. 

Participatory health

Globally, health systems are under pressure from rising costs, growing consumer expectations and new technologies. The future of health care lies in bold changes to business models, policies and funding strategies that enable consumers to play an active part in their own digital health ecosystem. 

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