A photographic portrait of Richard Cawood
The path to business reinvention starts with a view from the future, then works backwards to drive strategic choices today.

Richard Cawood

Director, EY Oceania Strategy & Transformation

Strategist. Futurist. Lifelong learner. Love asking bold “what if” questions to bring the future into the present.

Richard Cawood is a director in EY’s consulting practice in Melbourne, Australia. He is a ‘transformation architect’ who works with EY’s top clients across the Asia-Pacific to re-imagine, innovate and mobilise new business and operating models. He is particularly passionate about education and is globally recognised as a thought leader and keynote speaker on the future of higher education.

Richard holds an MBA from the University of Minnesota and a BA in economics and international studies from Macalester College (USA). He is an avid lifelong learner who enjoys enrolling in various micro-credentials to test the offerings and experiences of digital platform players.

How Richard is building a better working world

I build a better working world by designing better organisations.

I’m inspired by the quote “change has never been this fast – and it will never be this slow again”. I see myself as a forward-thinking change agent. I assess signposts of the future to challenge the status quo, inspire new directions and architect transformations. I build a better working world by partnering with C-suite and business leaders to reinvent their organisations for the world of tomorrow.

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