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NextWave Private Equity

Listen to the NextWave Private Equity podcast series, where Bridget Walsh, EY Global Private Equity Leader, will speak with industry leaders to discuss emerging opportunities and industry trends shaping the global private equity landscape.

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PE Pulse: Five takeaways from 2Q 2022

In this episode, Pete Witte, EY Global Private Equity Lead Analyst, explores the key themes and market dynamics from 2Q 2022 that are top of mind for PE investors.

Episode 53

10m 00s

How PE firms can win tech deals

In this episode, our speakers explore how PE firms can position themselves to win tech deals in today’s highly competitive market.

Episode 43

25m 00s

Five post-US election considerations for private equity

In this episode, our speakers explore five topics that should be top -of -mind for PE executives after the US election.

Episode 19

29m 00s