EY Global Tax Platform

Our transformative technology platform helps bring your finance and tax vision to life to build a future-ready business.

Using secure, cloud-based technology, the EY Global Tax Platform (GTP) integrates data from dashboards, reporting, and advanced analytics, offering a scalable and transformative solution for end-to-end finance and tax visibility, compliance, and value creation.

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Realize your vision

Rapid data analysis delivers a faster, more connected global view.

Anticipate future complexity

A range of tools helps you achieve global transparency and control.

Single source of data

GTP seamlessly integrates with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and financial systems.

Generate growth and value

The ability to evolve with legislative and regulatory changes means you’ll get access to new insights and opportunities.

Reshape your finance and tax operations

EY Global Tax Platform is designed to bring insights into your data and add value across your organization. Whatever your strategy, our platform can help bring it to life.

Automate your tax compliance on a global scale

Tax authorities can examine companies more deeply than ever before. At the same time, filings and evolving legislation like Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) are creating new levels of complexity. EY Global Tax Platform features a range of tools to help you achieve global transparency and control, from analytics to customizable dashboards and visualization.

Create new levels of efficiency, accuracy, and resilience at scale

With EY Global Tax Platform, you can easily navigate multiple jurisdictions from one platform. With EY Global Tax Platform, you can easily navigate multiple jurisdictions from one platform. It can also be seamlessly integrated with your ERP and financial systems. With a single source of truth, you can trace data lineage, access globally consistent analytics and deliver ease of reconciliation across filings and insights.
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Make more informed decisions with advanced analytics

Because we continually refresh and evolve the EY Global Tax Platform to account for legislative and regulatory changes, it's easier to future-proof your business. Rapid analytics allows for a closer look at the data, helping you find hidden insights and value.
EY Global Tax Platform

Bring your finance and tax vision to life

GTP's powerful functionalities can help achieve end-to-end visibility and compliance using AI and analytics.

See how GTP works

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    Circular graphic showing key GTP functionalities: portal, deliverables and tasks, workflow management, reports and analytics, data acquisition and data gather, notifications, entity management and visualization, apps, Artificial intelligence (AI) and spotlight.

Proven, trusted and evolving technology

EY Global Tax Platform is the product of our unique collaboration with Microsoft. It’s built on Microsoft Azure cloud technology and part of a mature, continually evolving ecosystem.