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JobKeeper Eligibility: What you need to know wherever your process is at

The JobKeeper Payment is an historic $130 billion subsidy with the intent of keeping around 6 million Australian workers in jobs as Australia and the rest of the world seek to confront the economic fallout of managing COVID-19.

In this webcast, the EY panel share their insights to assist you in understanding your basis to claim the JobKepper payment in accordance with the rules and scheme objectives; to benefit Australian workers and our economy. This includes:

  • Understanding how the latest rules open up eligibility (and we are hopeful of the latest instalment being released prior to the webcast)
  • For those having difficulty complying with the rules by way of data extraction or otherwise, sharing the learnings we have seen to navigate the rules
  • For those that have enrolled, discussing how to best validate your claims to ensure they are appropriately documented and defendable


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