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JobKeeper Payment: Everything you need to know

The JobKeeper Payment is an historic $130 billion subsidy with the intent of keeping around 6 million Australian workers in jobs as Australia and the rest of the world seek to confront the economic fallout of managing COVID-19. The subsidy is to be paid to employers based on certain eligibility criteria and will be administered by the ATO. Following the Government’s announcement, many employees and employers are seeking clarification about their eligibility and obligations. 

EY teams have been actively involved in elevating many of these questions to the Government and the ATO. In this webcast, the panel explain the application of the rules and answer the many questions being asked including:

  • What is the latest eligibility criteria?
  • How is the reduction in revenue calculated?
  • How are the turnover thresholds determined?
  • What if employees have already been retrenched?
  • What is the situation with an employer with multiple businesses?
  • What are employers obligated to pass on to their employees?


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