Next generation security operations and response

EY Next generation security operations and response services along with a deep portfolio of consulting, recommendation and managed services, can help organizations build a transformation strategy and roadmap to implement the next generation of security operations.

What EY can do for you

EY Next generation security operations and response teams can provide organizations with the right amount of support to help them manage leading-class security operations in a programmatic way. The portfolio of EY services includes:

  • Help plan, design, build and improve a leading-class security operations center (SOC)
  • Identify and prioritize capital and operational investments to help clients apply effective defences to cyber threats
  • Provide just in time on-site support and remote incident response support to help quickly contain or eradicate an intruder that has compromised a client’s digital assets, and implement enhanced defences to reduce risk going forward
  • Improve and sustain threat and vulnerability management effectiveness
  • Identify vulnerable systems and networks through controlled penetration tests, dynamic and static application testing and help clients remediate to their acceptable risk tolerance
  • Monitor and respond to advanced threats via market-leading technology and intelligence
  • Discover and manage critical system vulnerabilities, which can act as points of entry into the environment

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