Disability inclusiveness and accessibility

Disability inclusiveness and accessibility are part of who we are, how we work at EY, and how we will thrive in the future.

We all navigate the world in different ways, learning from one another’s life experiences and perspectives. These differences drive our purpose to build a better working world and a better future — one where a diverse and equitable culture leverages uniqueness, and enables people of all backgrounds, identities and abilities to thrive.

People with disabilities are the world’s largest, fastest-growing minority. Approximately one in seven people globally have a disability. Most of those disabilities — some 85% — are acquired during the prime working years of 18 to 64. And 60% of disabilities are non-visible, spanning cancer, mental illness, chronic health conditions, partial sensory or mobility impairments and neurodivergence.

Disability inclusiveness forms the foundation of our organization

Well over a century ago, our co-founder Arthur Young became partially blind in a cricket game and later lost his hearing in law school. Unable to practice courtroom law, he emigrated from Scotland to the United States seeking new ways to use his skills. Arthur’s disability drove him to become an innovator and entrepreneur, as he evolved his accounting company into what it would become today: a global leader in assurance, tax, transaction and consulting services.


We’ve been building on our commitment to disability inclusiveness ever since.


Pictured right: EY Co-founder, Arthur Young

Our recent disabilities inclusiveness milestones

Our recent disabilities inclusiveness milestones
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    EY becomes the first accounting firm to sign Business Taskforce on Accessible Technology Charter.


    EY opens the first Neurodiversity Center of Excellence and cofounds the Neurodiversity@Work Employers Roundtable.


    EY becomes the first founding member of the Disability Owned Business Enterprise certification  of disability-owned businesses.


    EY Global Chairman Carmine Di Sibio becomes one of The Valuable 500’s 15 Iconic Leaders — global CEOs sponsoring multi-year projects to further disability equity and employment.


    EY Global Chairman Carmine Di Sibio, appoints a member of EY’s highest global governing body to be Executive Sponsor for Disabilities.


    EY appoints Executive Sponsors for Disabilities across each of our three global Areas, Americas, APAC and EMEIA, to lead the global disability strategy at a Region and country level.


    EY joins Procure Access, a B2B initiative that brings companies together to advance accessible procurement in the private sector.

Leading by example

Our people are our greatest assets. We are committed to enabling each of our talented professionals to do their best work.

The commitment starts with EY Global Chairman and CEO Carmine Di Sibio, who helped found a school for children with autism, and is one of The Valuable 500’s Iconic Leaders. Carmine has enlisted top executives from EY to help drive disability inclusiveness throughout our regions, functions and lines of business. Hank Prybylski, EY Global Vice Chair — Transformation, is the EY Global Executive Sponsor for Disability and helps make sure that inclusion and accessibility are embedded throughout the organization.

EY office spaces are built to be accessible and inclusive. We have inclusive and accessible marketing, learning and procurement processes. We offer digital accessibility training for everyone. We are also helping build a more accessible world by supporting initiatives such as Teach Access, The Valuable 500 and Procure Access.

We’ve embedded our commitment to disability inclusiveness into the heart of our EY Global DE&I statement.

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Maximizing differences helps realize potential

Diverse perspectives, an inclusive culture and equitable opportunities unlock innovative thinking and endless possibility.

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