23 June 2020

Our commitment to address racial discrimination

Carmine Di Sibio, EY Global Chairman and CEO, pledges to make sure at EY our actions match our words both internally and in our communities.

I am deeply saddened and shaken by the recent racist violence. The subsequent protests and demonstrations in the US and around the world have brought into sharp focus a long history of racist violence and injustice. These are not unique to a single country. I believe that racism and police brutality have no place in our societies.

With our 300,000 people around the world, at EY we have the power to be stewards of change and to stand against racial injustice and discrimination.

I understand that words alone are not enough. As Global Chairman and CEO, I pledge to use my platform to also make this a time of new dialogues and thoughtful actions, to make sure at EY our actions match our words both internally and in our communities.

I commit that we will take action to address discrimination faced by people in the workplace, promote equality within EY and ensure that discrimination, in any form, will have no place in our organization.

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Edited by Carmine Di Sibio

Former EY Global Chairman and CEO

Passionate about clients and the power of the global EY organization. Driver of growth and innovation. Relationship builder. Sports fan.

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