Photographic portrait of Chris Crevits
In a world where cyber risk is growing exponentially, transforming cyber defenses through innovative, leading practice operations can help fortify trust and confidence in business performance.

Chris Crevits

EY Americas Cybersecurity Managed Services Leader

Committed to family, friends and profession. Widely curious. Focused on internalizing perspectives. Concerned about detail. Obsessed with process. Live music enthusiast, as performer and fan.

Chris is the EY Americas Cybersecurity Managed Services Leader, supporting clients to transform their cybersecurity operations through managed services, to better manage cyber risk and protect their business.

He has almost 20 years’ experience working across diverse sectors and with clients of all sizes and phases of cybersecurity maturity. With a focus on aligning cybersecurity investment to business outcomes, he takes a collaborative approach to helping companies turn cybersecurity into a strategic differentiator that allows them to operate with confidence today while planning for future growth.

Before his current role focused on cybersecurity managed services, Chris worked across cybersecurity program strategy and transformation, cyber threat and vulnerability management and data protection.

He has a master’s degree in information management from Washington University, St. Louis, an MA from the University of Chicago, and a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Webster University. 

How Chris is building a better working world

“Cyber risk evolves quickly, and the challenge is staying on top of this change – to be ready to adress the next big problem for clients. At EY, we do this through innovation, through optimizing technology and, crucially, through our dedicated and highly experienced talent. I’m committed to nurturing an amazing team of cyber professionals who are contributing to an enhanced cyber workforce and, in turn, a more cyber-resilient working world.”

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