Photographic portrait of Hiren Shukla
Organizations are at the intersection of transformation and value creation. Unlocking power with humans at the center is the journey and the goal.

Hiren Shukla

EY Global and Americas Neuro-Diverse Center of Excellence Leader

Exponential innovator. Community transformer. Inspired by the women in his life. Proud refugee who is trained for optimism.

Hiren’s experience spans more than 20 years across accounting, strategy, automation, innovation and change management. He currently enables transformation and innovation efforts at Ernst & Young LLP and is the founder of the Neuro-Diverse Centers of Excellence at EY Global.

Hiren is the strategic link at EY Global, responsible for converting the neurodiversity inclusiveness effort into commercial application for exceptional client service and tangible ROI. Hiren has significant business transformation experience gained while launching the EY global delivery services model while on a 5-year international assignment. He works across senior leadership levels within EY and takes pride in enabling transformation within Fortune 500 clients.

Hiren holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the City University of New York-Baruch College.

How Hiren is building a better working world

Hiren has created momentum for global transformation around human potential by building ecosystems across business, government, academia and non-profits that generate sustainable, multi-dimensional value. His passion for collaboration and community building shines through the activation of a powerful combination of curiosity, purpose and belonging which has now been amplified in over 70 publications and media outlets around the world.  

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