Photographic portrait of Kimmo Kaskikallio
I link business with technology to drive change and realize the full potential of technology.

Kimmo Kaskikallio

Director, Technical Sales, Ernst & Young Oy

Inspired by the clients and the change new technologies can enable. Curious explorer of new ways of working. Mountain biking lover.

Kimmo works as a Technical Sales Director at Ernst & Young Oy. He joined EY in August 2019 as a global technical product owner. In this role, Kimmo collaborates with customers to understand and prioritize solution development activities.

He leads co-creation activities together with business partners, to help deliver and further improve solution capabilities and acts as a technical subject-matter professional and leader, to grow technical leadership skills inside the EY organization. Kimmo works in the delivery team as a lead architect, and is an appreciated speaker at public and internal events.

Before joining EY, Kimmo worked for 20 years as a technical leader and people manager at a leading technology provider. Overall, he has more than 25 years of experience in technical leadership, architecture management and software development practices.

Kimmo has a BS degree in Automation Technologies from the Helsinki University of Applied Science.

How Kimmo is building a better working world

Kimmo is helping customers realize the value of digital technologies by leading several recommendation projects across the globe. He is guiding the delivery teams, and helping customers understand the value of digitalization technologies like internet of things (IoT), 5G and Industry 4.0, by translating these abstract concepts into actual services. With this transition from concept to reality, Kimmo is helping companies experience a better working world which is powered by technology.

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