Photographic portrait of Stefano Giordano
The success of an idea depends on how we implement it. More and more, technology is instrumental to the delivery of an innovative business model.

Stefano Giordano

EY-Parthenon Partner, Transaction Strategy & Execution, EY Strategy and Consulting Co., Ltd.

Passionate about technology and how it can be leveraged to improve our everyday life. Lived and worked in Asia for 20 years. Avid cyclist and triathlete.

Stefano is a Partner at EY-Parthenon, Strategy and Transactions, EY Strategy and Consulting Co., Ltd. in Japan, where he leads the technology diligence and integration project management service.

Stefano has more than 20 years of experience advising executive managements of global corporations. He ensures the success of strategic transformations through digital adoption, leadership alignment and organizational change.

He is an experienced program manager with hands-on experience in both planning and delivering projects. He has managed large delivery teams during multi-year engagements.

How Stefano is building a better working world

"A better working word is built on sustainable and innovative ideas, which are introduced and brought to success by diverse and inclusive management teams. Recent technological advancements, especially in the areas of digital automation, integration and data management, are providing the necessary means for our society to change for the better, while keeping it financially sustainable. I am committed to remain aligned to this vision in everything I do, both in business and in my private life.”

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