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Edition 42
June 2020


Edition 41
June 2020

Woman on subway looking out at city

Edition 40
May 2020

People waiting for temperature check by thermal scan

Edition 39
May 2020

Drone shot of a costal defence liguria italy

Edition 38
May 2020

Financial district with business woman in paris

Edition 37
May 2020

Close up of lab technician examining test tubes in laboratory

Edition 36
May 2020


Edition 35
May 2020

Solo man climbs rock wall

Edition 34
May 2020

Young woman using touch screen on the street

Edition 33
May 2020


Edition 32
April 2020

Mother and son reading bedtime stories at the balcony on the e reader

Edition 31
April 2020

businessman examining documents at desk

Edition 30
April 2020

EY woman jogging over-bridge on sunny morning

Edition 29
April 2020

Drone shot of a costal defence liguria italy

Edition 28
April 2020

Man climbing up cliff on rope in fog

Edition 27
April 2020

Cars wait at the intersection

Edition 26
April 2020

An investor reacts as he monitors the share index in a stock market gallery

Edition 25
March 2020

Workstations in empty office

Edition 24
March 2020

Illustration of a corona virus cell

Edition 23
March 2020

Business team with graphs and charts interactive screen meeting

Edition 22
March 2020

Photographer in the ice cave sunset lake baikal russia

Edition 21
February 2020

Group of men whitewater rafting

Edition 20
February 2020

Footsteps  in a winter landscape

Edition 19
January 2020

Woman colorful confetti standing road sunset image

Edition 18
January 2020

High angle view of lighthouse on hill by sea denmark

Edition 17
December 2019

Woman textile industry pali rajasthan india image

Edition 16
December 2019

Two man preparing surf

Edition 15
November 2019

Tugboats escort container ship

Edition 14
November 2019

Skydive flying wing suit over beach image

Edition 13
October 2019

People exchanging money vegetables market stall image

Edition 12
October 2019

Boat sea iceberg arch image

Edition 11
September 2019

High angle racing yacht powerboats

Edition 10
September 2019

Surfers competing big wave surf competition Waimea Bay

Edition 9
August 2019

People rope bridge yalta fog image

Edition 8
August 2019

Aerial red ice breaker cracked ice baltic sea helsinki

Edition 7
July 2019

Two woman wrapped rainbow flag holding hands image

Edition 6
July 2019

Woman shop tablet clothes image

Edition 5
June 2019

Sea lions play baitfish Southern California image

Edition 4
May 2019

Hiker standing mountain against sky during sunset

Edition 3
April 2019

Aerial View of a Crossing in Mexico City

Edition 2
February 2019

Father flying daughter

Edition 1
January 2019