Meet EYnovation™, EY’s subscription based service offering for young companies and entrepreneurs with high-growth potential.

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Market leaders of tomorrow may be only ideas today

We believe that entrepreneurial spirit drives innovation. For that reason EY supports ambitious entrepreneurs who may change the market.

As part of EY’s mission to build a better working world, we support entrepreneurs early in their business-cycle to establish life-long relationships.

The program provides all necessary support to make sure foundations of your business are strong to support your expansion. It offers you also a number of benefits including direct access to EY’s worldwide extensive network to help scale your business.

About EYnovation™

To succeed in the fast-paced and high-growth sectors, companies must be agile.

Whilst the industry’s rapid evolution presents exciting opportunities for businesses, it also brings complex challenges and risks.

Meet EYnovation™: A partnership to guide you from startup to market leader. It’s a tailor-made subscription, with all our services you need designed to manage challenges and risks to grow your business.

Accelerate your growth journey. Join EYnovation today.

  • Starting up your company - building a strong foundation

    In the very earliest days of your company, we help you make the right decisions when it comes to choosing a legal structure, obtaining approvals and protecting intellectual property rights.

    We support you in reporting, approaching investors and many other topics. At this stage, it is vital to make the right decisions in the areas of funding, planning and due diligence.

    We will help you answer the questions, such as:

    • Where can I find advice on founding a company, creating company agreements and drawing up other basic documents?
    • Who can help me implement a tax-optimized company structure?
    • How do I protect trademarks and IP rights?
    • How do I incorporate first supporters (family and friends) and set up shareholder agreements?
    • How should I approach potential investors?
    • How can I apply for subsidies?
    • How do I set up contracts such as General Terms and Conditions, GTC, purchasing and supply contracts?
    • How do I create work contracts for managers, employees and others, including matters of social security law?
    • What accounting and reporting systems should I adopt?
    • Who can help me with due diligence and company valuation?
  • EY’s service portfolio

    Seed phase

    • Legal and tax structure
    • Best location
    • Correct taxes
    • Optimized ownership structure
    • IP and trademark protection
    • Funding

    Startup phase

    • Incorporate first supporters
    • Investment and shareholder agreement
    • Help from business angels
    • Work contracts and social security
    • Bookkeeping and accounting
    • Hire talent from abroad

    Growth phase

    • Attract venture capital
    • Independent third party when raising funds
    • Employee loyalty and incentive programs
    • Reliable and efficient financial reporting
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Temporary CFO
    • Financial due diligence
    • Valuation of business

    Expansion phase

    • Entering international markets
    • Support for scale-ups entering Poland
    • Negotiate with strategic investors
    • Prepare for an IPO
    • Apply for official stock market listing
    • Buy-side/sell-side M&A
    • Business Analytics as a Service

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