Photographic portrait of Carsten Jäkel
Although treasury is still largely viewed as a sort of black box, the rapid pace of digitalization will likely bring to light the significant value that this function can, does and must contribute.

Carsten D Jäkel

EY Germany Global Treasury Services Head

Passionate treasury consultant, ex-treasurer and commercial manager who strikes a balance between performance and compliance. Makes continuous efforts to broaden architectural and artistic horizons.

Carsten Jäkel provides cross-sector detailed advice to companies on corporate treasury-related issues, which encompasses the entire process extending from the strategic development stage to the final implementation of treasury system landscapes.

Prior to joining EY in 2019, Carsten’s successful career path as a consultant and partner featured key management experience at a German industrial corporation in Mexico, where he held the positions of group treasurer and commercial manager. He has a diploma in Business Administration and Management from the University of Essen.

His work in recent years has increasingly focused on addressing and pursuing issues pertaining to treasury transformation. He has also made a valuable contribution to the development of the “Treasury 4.0” concept.

How Carsten is building a better working world

“Ever since I became a treasury consultant, enhancing the significance of the treasury function’s transparency, for companies and shareholders, has been the driving force of my work. Once everyone involved comes to understand the importance of treasury, it will lead to a greater appreciation of the treasury function and the day-to-day work of treasury employees, particularly in light of the ongoing digitization trend.”


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