Photographic portrait of Nathalie Van Vliet
Bringing the talent, the courage and the spirit of innovation of EY teams to our customers across borders and geographies is a daily enrichment.

Nathalie Van Vliet

EY Consulting Leader for EU institutions and French-speaking Sub-Saharan Africa Consulting Leader

Helps organizations improve their performance and succeed in their transformations. Committed to help young professionals grow. Proud mother of two brilliant kids.

Nathalie coordinates EY consulting activities for the EU institutions, including the European Commission and the European agencies. She is also in charge of the consulting services for French speaking sub-Saharan Africa.

Nathalie has over 30 years of experience and she has driven transformation projects for many public bodies.

Among her previous roles at EY she has been EMEIA Consulting quality leader and Market Segment Leader for Government & Public Sector in France.

Nathalie graduated from the French business school EDHEC and is a chartered accountant.

How Nathalie is building a better working world

“Every day I build a better working world by helping organizations to adapt their structures, processes and offerings to navigate rapid and profound societal and technological change.

I am a strong believer in the power of humans, and particularly younger generations, to transform.  I’m fully committed to facilitating acceptance of new ways of doing things, a key success factor for structuring transformation projects.

In particular, I’m passionate and dedicated to helping the next generation to thrive by providing mentorship, advice and the close support young people need. Future generations will build our future and we need to invest and empower them as they will ultimately be the builders of a better world.“

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