EY Webcast: digITal first for Finance

digITal first for Finance

IFRS17 – customer success stories

The only place to hear about experience and lessons learned from the worldwide projects. Meet our customers and find out what you should consider additionally.

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Time to share our stories from IFRS17 projects. 

Wherever we look, EY teams work closely with insurers on their IFRS 17 implementation programs. This time our customers will talk about their experiences at different stages of implementation.

You will meet EY, SAP and msg global customers and will be able to hear first-hand opinions and feedback.

Listen to substantive discussions and find the right way to implement the IFRS17 project based on other company’s lessons learned.

Are you looking for answers to any of the following questions?

  • What is the top implementation challenge that you faced so far?
  • Why do you decided to implement FPSL?
  • Which is the time frame for the implementation of FPSL/IFRS17 in the company? What were the phases or sub-projects in their plan?
  • What surprised you the most during IFRS17 project?

Join us and our customers from Insurance sector on 12 January to find out more answers!

Partners of  "digITal first for Finance" webcast series:


Mario Gabriele
EY Italy, FSO Technology Consulting, Associate Partner
Paweł Kaczyński
EY Poland, Technology Consulting, Senior Manager, Agile Business Finance Leader
Luca Mosconi
EY FSO Italy, Tech Consulting and Solution Delivery, Senior Manager
Demosthenes Tsoukalas - Director, Technology Consulting, EY Greece
Demosthenes Tsoukalas
EY Greece, Technology Consulting, Director
Christian Knogler - COO, Head of Insurance Industry, msg group
Christian Knogler
msg group, COO, Head of Insurance Industry


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