Photographic portrait of Anthony Tricot
Finding a pathway to net zero that is affordable, technologically feasible and politically viable is the defining challenge for our generation.

Anthony Tricot

UK&I Head of Generation and Power Markets, Economic Consulting

Economist focused on the Power & Utilities sector. Consultant with experience in industry and government. Trustee of two community charities.

Anthony has a wealth of experience in supporting utilities, governments and regulators in evaluating the implications and opportunities associated with energy sector transformation. He has worked within the central government, advising on policy and regulation across a number of sectors, including energy, transport and telecoms.

At EY, Anthony provides regulatory due diligence on energy sector transactions across a range of countries and has extensive knowledge of energy market modeling - including price projections for power and capacity markets.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from the University of Oxford, and a Master’s in Economics from University College London. In his spare time, he is a trustee for the London Sephardi Jewish Community.

How Anthony is building a better working world

“At the frontline of energy and climate change strategy, I am proud to support clients - across industry and government - to develop least-cost pathways to meeting long-term carbon reduction targets.”

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