EY.ai Workforce: digital worker platform for the HR function

Unlock capacity and increase your HR team’s productivity through digital labor.

EY.ai Workforce is a digital worker solution to help increase capacity and productivity for the HR function. Leveraging an inventory of AI skills, digital workers complete HR work and processes.

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Increase employee productivity

Reduce time to complete HR business processes by simplifying how work gets done, without the need for technical know-how.

Drive scalability

Quickly increase or decrease HR capacity based on seasonal or event-driven team needs.

Manage costs

Transform and scale HR operations without diminishing the employee experience or significantly increasing costs.
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Streamline repetitive tasks

The Great Resignation, continued labor market uncertainty, and increasing demand for key skills have made it harder to access and retain the talent needed for growth.

Digital workers are the key to unlock untapped potential and free up capacity for value-added work by reducing manual and time-consuming steps. This allows a human touch to be applied where it’s most effective. 

Integration across systems

As disruptive forces and recent events continue to push companies to transform faster and more frequently, HR departments need to think differently about how they can transform and scale operations while retaining key skills and keeping the workforce engaged.

Integrating digital workers across applications, systems and tools can ease workflows for HR professionals so they no longer have to jump between platforms.

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Adaptative technology

EY.ai Workforce opens the door for technology that meets the work-tech experience that employees desire.

The EY approach helps identify areas that will continue to add value to the organization and provide skills that support sustained performance.

By building capabilities on a predefined set of skills, digital workers can adapt to the custom skills needed to meet the unique requirements of your business.

Disclaimer: The production release of EY.ai Workforce is subject to the completion of EY internal quality reviews

Harness technology to drive workforce value

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EY-IBM Alliance on EY.ai Workforce

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Combining AI and automation from IBM watsonx Orchestrate™ with the EY organization’s domain knowledge in HR transformation, EY.ai Workforce helps businesses innovate HR processes such as employee experience, employee mobility, talent acquisition and onboarding.

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