Photographic portrait of Alex Williams

Alex Williams

EY-Parthenon Associate Partner, Turnaround and Restructuring Strategy, Ernst & Young LLP

Experienced turnaround and restructuring strategy professional. Enjoys marathon running, mountaineering and triathlons.

Alex has over 20 years of experience at EY and other global firms working with underperforming businesses and other organizations across the UK. During his career he has worked in many different industry sectors including construction, real estate, manufacturing, retail and healthcare. He has significant formal insolvency experience at a national level and has undertaken a secondment with a major global bank.

Alex is a practicing Insolvency Practitioner, an Associate of Chartered Accountancy. He holds a degree in Mathematics from The University of Nottingham.

How Alex is building a better working world

Alex is passionate about preserving value for stakeholders and delivering lasting change. He leads on many of the largest restructuring assignments in the UK, working for multiple stakeholders, including financial institutions, private equity and the government.

He is also a Fellow of the British American Project, comprising over 1,000 leaders from the UK and USA with the mission to strengthen ties across the Atlantic.

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