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Embedding effective risk governance services throughout an organization’s cloud journey will help them to address new and heightened risks while helping to enable a nimble and scalable migration.

Anna M. Bourne

Partner, Advanced Manufacturing & Mobility, Ernst & Young LLP

A dedicated supporter of diversity and inclusion in both her professional and personal life.

Anna has more than 30 years of consulting experience serving multinational clients, principally in the diversified industrial products sector. Her ability to assess, develop and implement differentiating and successful strategic models has fostered her extensive experience in global account management and execution of global business transformation efforts.

As a global client service partner, Anna is responsible for the EY relationship with clients. She focuses on understanding her clients’ issues and proactively sharing innovative ideas, market insights and recommendations.

By leading with purpose and a clear vision, Anna is known for developing relationships built on trust, commitment and flexibility with clients and with her high-performing client service teams.

She has an accounting degree from the University of Wisconsin.

How Anna is building a better working world

“My goal is to help EY clients focus on long-term value and achieve their mission through strategic transformation. I also am committed to developing future leaders — we have tremendously talented team members! Lastly, I encourage team members to use their platforms and their voices to improve their communities and the people around them.”

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