Photographic portrait of Carla C Pereira
The insurance sector is critical for society and becomes even more important in the worst of times. It is therefore vital that you are prepared to meet the challenges quickly and efficiently.

Carla Sá Pereira

Partner, Insurance, Consulting Financial Services, Ernst & Young, S.A.

Responsible for creating the Actuarial Services team. Mother of two boys. Loves travelling, going to the beach and driving fast cars.

Carla is responsible for risk consulting and actuarial services focused on the insurance sector at Ernst & Young, S.A.

She coordinates and executes multiple projects with insurance companies in Portugal, Angola and Cape Verde, including the implementation of IFRS 17, Solvency II and Capital Optimization, Reserving, Pension Funds Valuations and actuarial Due Diligences in M&A.

Carla is the Appointed Actuary of several life and non-life insurance companies.

She is responsible for the coordination and execution of actuarial work within audit statutory assignments in Portugal, Angola, Cape Verde and Mozambique.

Carla has more than 20 years of experience in the insurance sector, having worked at the Insurance and Pension Funds Regulator for 16 years, which has allowed her to gain extensive knowledge of the insurance sector and the applicable regulations.

She graduated in Mathematics and Actuarial Sciences from Universidade Nova de Lisboa and has a Master of Actuarial Sciences degree from ISEG.

How Carla is building a better working world

The insurance sector has faced and will continue to face many challenges, from regulation to climate and demographic changes. Also, through the need for customer centrality, there will be the emergence of new risks, such as cyber risks and the speed of technological innovation.

The work that Carla and her team have been doing with their customers has contributed to a more robust insurance sector that is better prepared to face the coming challenges.

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