Photographic portrait of Edward Sullivan
Green is the new black. Sustainability should be a standing item on every board agenda. It’s time for business leaders to shape up or we all lose.

Edward Sullivan

EY-Parthenon Consultant, Strategy and Transactions, Ernst & Young LLP

A member of the EY-Parthenon Strategy team with background in Materials Science. Passionate about technology and energy transition. Rugby, football and climbing enthusiast.

Ed joined Ernst & Young LLP in 2021. He spends his time advising corporate and government clients across a broad range of sectors, focusing on strategy and commercial due diligence work.

Prior to this role, Ed studied Materials Science at the University of Cambridge and Management Studies at the Judge Business School.

How Edward is building a better working world

Ed has worked with both private and public sector clients to build sustainable long-term strategies that build a better working world. He is passionate about the energy transition and has helped clients on their own energy transition journey, facilitating businesses in a range of sectors on their transformation to a zero-carbon future.

Ed is also enthusiastic about charitable work. He has joined and hosted a number of personal fundraising events. He is particularly passionate about organizations focusing on cancer research and homelessness.

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