Photographic portrait of Faisal M.Alam
Data-driven insights are the price of admission. Data-driven foresights are the price of relevance.

Faisal M. Alam

EY Americas Technology Solutions and Markets Leader

Emerging technology and data evangelist. Large transformational program leader. Husband and father of two amazing children. Avid snowboarder.

Faisal leads Emerging Technologies practices for EY Americas, where he leads teams of practitioners in applying leading technologies such as IoT, AI, and advanced cloud data/data fabric solutions to create competitive differentiation for his clients. In this capacity, his priorities are centered around solving our clients’ most pressing challenges, driving innovative thinking, assuring quality support, and bringing the best of EY teams’ capabilities to bear on our client’s success.

How Faisal is building a better working world

“I am focused on creating an environment where our people can think freely, innovate, and live their values. I am building a better working world by driving outcomes for our clients that happen at the intersection of understanding the tectonic shifts happening in business and understanding the trajectory of technological innovation and its implications for society.”

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