Photographic portrait of Jarosław Wajer
Insight is the first step to real impact. I spend time with my clients, to understand their issues and use insight to transform their business. Decisions made now will determine future success.

Jarosław Wajer

EY CESA Power & Utilities Leader

Enthusiastic leader. Committed to supporting clients to achieve the best results through transformation.

Based in Poland, Jarosław leads the Power & Utilities team in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe and Central Asia.

For more than 20 years, he has helped utilities optimize their business through redesigning strategy and organizational models, establishing shared service centers and transactions. Jarosław and his team played a leading role in helping Poland’s biggest incumbent utilities, as well as newer start-ups, prepare for the deregulation of the Polish energy market.

Now, as the energy transition accelerates, Jarosław is working closely with clients to help them navigate the regulatory challenges, changing customer expectations and the ESG agenda that will define the new energy world. 

He loves sharing his knowledge, and regularly writes for industry publications and speaks at conferences.

Jarosław has a master’s degree in Econometrics and Computer Science from the University of Gdańsk. 

How Jarosław is building a better working world

“Successful leaders, teams and organizations help build trust in capital markets and economies. I’m committed to nurturing high-performing teams that support clients to achieve even greater efficiency, profitability, and growth. This is how we raise living standards and create opportunities in local economies.

Together, we can contribute to building a better working world.”

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