Photographic portrait of Ricardo Nuno Lopes Pinto
Respect differences and work every day to better yourself and the ones around you.

Ricardo Nuno Lopes Pinto

Partner, Insurance Financial Services, Ernst & Young, SROC

Responsible for the teams that provides services to the insurance industry in Portugal, Cape Verde and Angola. Father of a boy and a girl. Passionate about sports, cinema and travel.

Ricardo is a partner who works with clients in financial services and insurance and is also the Coordinator at EY Portugal, Angola and Cape Verde.

He is a diversity and inclusiveness program sponsor at Ernst & Young, SROC, Portugal.

Additionally, has worked in Switzerland and Brazil as an audit executive, where he was Latin America Audit Coordinator at another Big Four.

He graduated in Accounting and Auditing from Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administração de Lisboa.

How Ricardo is building a better working world

Ricardo believes that gender equality is a critical path to building high-performing teams and ultimately a better working world. He invests in his people and he believes that people are critical to achieving common goals and ambitions. He values the importance of social responsibility and paying back to society and strives to increase EY contribution in this respect.

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