Photographic portrait of Sebastian Binder
To create sustainable value, we not only maximize cash flow, but also make a positive impact on the planet and society.

Sebastian Binder

Senior Manager, Strategy & Transactions, Ernst & Young GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

Long experience in strategy, transactions and transformations. Family guy with passion for capital markets and sustainability.

Sebastian is a Senior Manager in Strategy and Transactions and part of our EY Sustainability team. He leads sustainable portfolio strategies – how to infuse sustainability into capital allocation decisions.

He jointly works with clients from the mobility and industry sector on questions around optimizing strategic capital allocation considering sustainability as well as commercial and financial aspects. This requires generating transparency on current ecosystem developments and entity performance as well as the derivation and evaluation of realistic transformation pathways considering organic and inorganic options.

Sebastian holds degrees from University St. Gallen in BA (HSG) Business Administration and MA (HSG) Banking and Finance.

How Sebastian is building a better working world

“Companies’ ecosystems are evolving continuously driven by changing needs and requirements of stakeholders and poly-crises with massive exogenous shocks. My team and I see us as trusted advisory supporting our clients adopting business and operating models continuously, and to remain flexible and agile allowing them to opportunistically seize upcoming opportunities as well as mitigate threats. Our actions help to achieve sustainable business success – it is paramount to not only generate a positive impact for shareholders through cash flows but also for society and operate within the planetary boundaries. My colleagues and I are putting sustainable value creation to the core of our daily business to have a truly sustainable and positive impact for our clients, society and the planet.”

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