Photographic portrait of Silvia Silva
In all industries, trust and values are fundamental to success. At EY, we help to build confidence; directly through the services and indirectly through what our services allows others to achieve.

Silvia Silva

Partner, Assurance Financial Services, Ernst & Young Audit & Associados - SROC, S.A.

Passionate about talent. Audit transformation enthusiast. Loves traveling.

Silvia is an FSO Partner at Ernst & Young Audit & Associates - SROC, S.A, Portugal. Her areas of expertise include banking and industry business risks, Portuguese and Angolan regulatory requirements, and internal control and risk management best practices.

Before joining EY, Silvia worked at another Big Four company.

She has a master’s degree in Economics from Faculdade de Economia da Universidade do Porto and is a member of the Order of Chartered Accountants (OCC).

How Silvia is building a better working world

Silvia believes that people are the most important asset. She considers teamwork as the ultimate competitive advantage, because it is both powerful and rare. It is through global teaming, she says, that tasks that seem impossible are often accomplished. A better working world truly starts with the EY professionals who are building it every day.

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