How to unlock business visibility for real-time insights

In this webcast, panelists discuss leading technologies and practices to seamlessly unify data and make better business decisions faster.

At what point do you decide to review your operating model, explore new business models, or update your product portfolio? Your internal data sources combined with external ones (e.g. market, competition, government, sector, etc.) can help offer insights to stake out areas of competitive advantage.

The challenge, however, is that while technology continues to evolve and consumer sentiment shifts daily, many organizations struggle to clearly see their business in a 360-degree manner. Organizations often find themselves either drowning in too much data or missing significant pieces of information due to data silos. When all of an organization’s data across internal and external data stores are unified and accessible, business users can quickly investigate operational performance and explore strategic use cases for new business models and innovative products.

In this webcast, we will discuss topics such as:

  • Steps in building the business case and quantifying the value for enterprise visibility
  • New approaches to gaining insight into your business’ operations and strategic challenges
  • Leading technologies that can seamlessly unify data to help make better business decisions in weeks, not months
  • Developing continuous monitoring capabilities to quickly react to disruption
  • The art of the possible for scenario planning and what-if analysis


  • Deborah Byers​​, EY Americas Sector Leader; Partner​, Ernst & Young LLP 


  • Faisal Alam, EY Americas Emerging Technology Leader; Principal, Ernst & Young LLP 
  • Brian Moore, EY Americas Technology Transformation and Trusted Intelligence Leader; Principal, Ernst & Young LLP 
  • Trent Tishkowski, EY Americas Business Transformation & Innovation Leader; Principal, Ernst & Young LLP 


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