Maturity Assessment: Global Business Services

Assess your GBS organization’s maturity with our App or Diagnostic Tool to help identify strengths, weaknesses and improvement opportunities.


Access our free GBS Maturity Assessment App or our project-based Diagnostic Tool.


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App Assessment

Complete the GBS Maturity App Assessment for a free, rapid evaluation (approximately 30 minutes) of your GBS organization's maturity. Upon completion of the assessment, you will receive an automated report that not only highlights the strengths and weaknesses of your GBS organization but also compares the performance of your organization to peers.

The GBS Maturity App assessment will provide you with a:

  • High-level analysis of your GBS organization’s current performance with clear data on strengths, weaknesses and opportunities
  • Comparison of your GBS performance against peers and leading practices
  • Automated web-based and downloadable report that outlines the maturity of your GBS organization

Immediate results

Quickly assess your GBS organization's maturity with our free App.

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GBS Maturity Assessment Diagnostic Tool

Perform a detailed GBS maturity assessment to unlock the full potential of your GBS organization.

Our GBS professionals have developed a leading digital Maturity Assessment Diagnostic Tool that will provide you with an in-depth analysis of your GBS organization as well as detailed improvement recommendations and a clear road map that will help you to achieve NextGen GBS benefits.

The GBS Maturity Diagnostic Tool Assessment will provide you with a:

  • Workshop-based digitally enabled assessment approach that outlines your GBS organization’s current performance along each of the sub-dimensions of the GBS maturity framework
  • Detailed comparison of your current state of GBS maturity against peers, leading practices and global trends
  • Detailed functional analysis of your current service scope against the art of the possible
  • Robust road map on how your GBS organization can drive further value 

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Discover more about your GBS organization's performance and how to improve it with our Diagnostic Tool.

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The approach, leveraged to assess the maturity of your GBS organization, is grounded in EY’s holistic GBS framework and is centered around three core and 12 sub-dimensions. The analysis of all dimensions allow for a holistic assessment of the maturity of your GBS organization.

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