In Consumer products and retail

Consumer-facing companies have an unprecedented opportunity to shape a sustainable future. Seize it, and they will create new value and deepen consumer engagement.  

Sustainability is becoming a strategic priority for consumer facing companies – the challenges and opportunities they face span their entire value chain.

Key activities will focus on scope 3 emissions, transparent and sustainable supply chains, reducing plastic waste and the circular economy, and biodiversity preservation. Technology will enable the adoption of more sustainable activities by making sustainability more accessible, scaleable and transparent for companies and consumers alike.

At EY, we believe sustainability is the innovation opportunity of our lifetime. Companies and consumers are now inspired to collaborate, innovate and accelerate to a more sustainable future. EY helps companies tackle the challenge and harness the opportunities to implement the right balance of bold strategic choices.

Collaborating to scale sustainability report

Read the Economist Impact research commissioned by EY. Learn how consumer companies can create more value from their ecosystems.

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Consumer products and retail sustainability report

Learn how consumer companies have adopted the UN SDGs to make a measurable difference in society.

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Ecosystems that scale sustainability webinar

Watch Economist Impact with EY, Colgate Palmolive, Reckitt and CGF to find out how collaboration can scale sustainability.

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